Elixir deployments with Distillery: Running ecto migrations

Distillery is a great way to deploy elixir applications. It's not really obvious though how and when to run ecto-migrations for an application when deploying them with distillery as after »

Staging environments with ember-cli-deploy

ember-cli-deploy is the recommended and community agreed upon way to deploy your ember-cli applications. It comes with a lot of plugins that enables you to customize your deployments and is »

Introducing Ember-Deploy

Outdated info warning! ember-deploy is deprecated and you should be using ember-cli-deploy instead. In the last post Deploying Ember-CLI apps I introduced a method how one can deploy Ember.js-applications »

Deploying Ember-CLI apps

Outdated info warning! If you are using ember-cli to develop your ember application you should be using ember-cli-deploy instead of the workflow described in this post. Ember-CLI is a great »

TDDing a Vert.x-Chat in Javascript (Pt.2)

In the first part of this tutorial we installed Vert.x, did the setup necessary to TDD an application with Vert.x, wrote and executed our first passing test with »